Get Involved

The foundation of Quality of Care NL is collaboration. No matter who you are, there are opportunities for you to get involved!

As part of our patient-centered approach, we strive to build partnerships between health researchers, health care providers, and users of the health care system. Patient & Public Partners with lived experience of health care are volunteers who assist project teams in various phases of projects, from study design to knowledge translation.

Patient and Public Partners

Quality of Care NL is proud to partner with clinicians, health care providers, social care professionals, and academics with social and health backgrounds throughout the province to advance our initiatives. They bring their experience and expertise to our work in data interpretation, knowledge translation, public engagement and solutions implementation.

Social and Health System Clinical Leads

Choosing Wisely STARS (Students and Trainees Advocating for Resource Stewardship) is a grassroots medical education campaign that supports student-led efforts to advance resource stewardship awareness and education. Our Choosing Wisely NL STARS have helped lead initiatives within various disciplines and units to enhance student awareness and engage practice change in meaningful ways.

Choosing Wisely STARS

Do you have an idea about how to affect change in the health care or social system? Do you see a problem that should be addressed? Do you have a solution for how things can be done better? We want to hear from you! Quality of Care NL invites ideas for projects from clinicians, health/social care providers, students, patients, families and the public.

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