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Opioids for pain after surgery: Your questions answered
Code TIA Pocket Guide for Prevention of Imminent Stroke
Four Questions to Ask your Health Care Provider
Using Antibiotics Wisely in Long-Term Care
The Cold Standard toolkit for using antibiotics wisely
Time To Talk: Encouraging serious illness conversations
Dysphagia and Oral Health: Implementing a Modified Free-Water Protocol in Long-Term Care Residents
Services for Seniors Living with Hearing Loss in NL
Quality of Care in Long-Term Care Facilities by Region (2019)
The Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Long-Term Care Residents by Regional Health Authority (2020)
The Annual Incidence and Clinical Characteristics of Clients Admitted to Long-Term Care in NL by Regional Health Authority
Resident Well-Being and Quality of Care in Long-Term Care Facilities During COVID-19 by Regional Health Authority
Public Awareness of Inappropriate Medications in the Senior Population
The Use of Antipsychotics in the Community in NL
The Use of Benzodiazepines in NL
Clinical Characteristics of Clients Evaluated for Long-Term Care in a Hospital or at Home
Appropriateness of Admissions to Long-Term Care Facilities in NL
Clinical Characteristics and Quality of Care in the Long-Term Care Facilities of NL
Utilization of Long-Term Care Facilities in NL
The Structure of Long-Term Care in NL
Understanding the Influences on Older Adult Nutrition in Western NL and Promoting Positive Nutritional Change
Predicting Future Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Long-Term Care Residents
Inappropriate Antibiotic Use for Urinary Tract Infections in Western Health Long-Term Care Facilities
Antibiotic Usage in Long-Term Care Facilities
Clinical Characteristics and Quality of Care in the Long-Term Care Facilities of Newfoundland and Labrador
Undertriage of Older Adults with a Low-Acuity Triage Score in the Emergency Department
Evaluating the Provincial Home Dementia Care Program in the Eastern Health Region
Age-Friendly Communities in Newfoundland and Labrador: Clarenville
Development of a Comprehensive Seniors Care Program for Newfoundland and Labrador