Project Approval Process

The information below outlines the process for accessing project support from QCNL/CWNL.

Any researcher requesting support in the development of a QCNL/CWNL project will be directed to have an initial meeting with a member of the QCNL/CWNL Team.

Researchers will be asked to summarize their project according to the proposal template. The project proposal will be presented at the next meeting of the TPMI Executive Team.  The Executive Team will discuss how the project meets the objectives and priorities of QCNL/CWNL, as well as the resources available to support it. Principal Investigator(s) (PI) may have to secure funding before resources can be provided. The Executive Team will provide feedback and advise whether or not the project may be supported and how. Meetings of the Executive Team are on the first Thursday of every month.

Members of the Executive Team

QCNL/CWNL Research Priorities

If the Executive Team approves, the PI will be asked to amend their proposal for submission to the multi-agency QCNL/CWNL Working Group (Working Group). Prior to final submission to the Working Group, the PI may be advised to work with QCNL/CWNL project coordinators to consult with NLCHI to discuss data sources and access, as well as with the HREB to discuss any ethics considerations.  The Working Group will determine if the project should go forward.  Meetings of the Working Group are the last Monday of every month.

Members of the QCNL/CWNL Working Group

If the Working Group approves the project, the PI will be informed of any feedback and advised of next steps, as follows:

  1. Approval Letter
  • Approval is subject to conditions outlined
  1. Data Acquisition
  • PI works with project coordinators to determine the data source (NLCHI or RHAs)
  • NLCHI application completed/RHA data request made
  • PI consults data custodians as required
  1. HREB Consultation
  • PI consults HREB to determine ethics requirements and begins process if necessary
  1. Patient Resources
  • Project teams engage with QCNL/CWNL Patient Panels
  • Other patient opportunities can be discussed
  1. Value and Economic Assessments
  • PI completes the value and economic assessment forms with project coordinators
  1. Choosing Wisely Intervention (Choosing Wisely projects only)
  • PI meets with Dr. Amanda Hall regarding implementation of any interventions planned within the project