Become a Patient Partner

We want to make health care better with you.

We try to include patients as partners in every QCNL/CWNL project.  You don’t need to be a researcher or a health care professional to apply!

We are seeking patient partners who:

  • Have experience with the health care system as either a patient, taking care of a patient, or as a family member of a patient in Newfoundland and/or Labrador
  • Have an open mind
  • Can come to meetings four times a year, either in-person or by teleconference
  • Are available to provide opinions as needed (either in-person or by email)

Questions you might be asked to help with include:

  • Are we looking at the right problem?
  • How should we collect the data?
  • What results are important to patients?
  • What do these results mean to you?
  • How should we share the results?

What is the time commitment?

Patient Panels meet four times a year, either face-to-face or by teleconference

  • You will be asked to attend an orientation meeting
  • Each meeting will be based on the questions asked by project teams
  • You will know what each team needs before the meeting
  • You may be asked to review the materials before the meeting
  • Meetings may take up to two hours

On occasion, you may also be contacted via email with materials, questions or results as appropriate.

What is in it for me?

  • You will make a difference
  • You will meet new people with similar interests and experiences
  • We will take care of your travel and accommodation costs (if you don’t live in St. John’s and have to meet in-person)
  • Appreciation options may be discussed

Have questions? Interested in joining?

Please contact:
Phone: (709) 864-6610