Become a Patient Partner

We want to make health care better with you, and you don’t need to be a researcher or a health care professional to get involved!

Quality of Care NL partners with NL SUPPORT to engage patients and the public in meaningful ways so that they can provide valuable insights on the work we do to improve the health care system in the province.

Patient Partners:

  • Have experience with the health care system as a patient, a caregiver, or a family member of a patient in Newfoundland and/or Labrador
  • Have an open mind
  • Can attend meetings approximately four times a year, either in-person or by teleconference
  • Are available to provide opinions as needed (in-person or by email)

Questions Patient Partners may be asked include:

  • Are we looking at the right problem?
  • How should we collect the data?
  • What results are important to patients?
  • What do these results mean to you?
  • How should we share the results?

Time Commitment for Patient Partners:

  • Patient Partners meet three to four times a year, either face-to-face or by teleconference
  • You will be asked to attend an orientation meeting
  • Meeting agendas will be set by the project teams; you will know what each team needs before the meeting
  • You may be asked to review the materials before the meeting
  • Meetings may take up to two hours
  • On occasion, you may also be contacted via email for opinions on materials, questions, or results as appropriate

Benefits of Being a Patient Partner:

  • You will make a difference
  • You will meet new people with similar interests and experiences
  • We will take care of your travel and accommodation costs (if you don’t live in St. John’s and have to meet in-person)

For more information on how to become a Patient Partner, please contact:

Kathleen Mather
Patient Engagement Lead